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To all scholars and knowledge-seekers of Erdreja

For the first time in over a decade the Great Library opens its doors and invites those of scholarly intent and those interested in such matters to attend a springtime Symposium of Knowledge, there to exchange ideas and information with those of like mind. All are welcome, regardless of the state or type of their pattern.

The greatest of teachers may still yet be a student, and for the ever curious, well... Knowledge will not acquire you, unless you decide to wander the unsafe paths of the Library alone. The offices of Bureaucracy cannot be held responsible if you get lost within the Void.

We will be opening our Research Archives and attendees will be given exclusive access to purchase lost research from across the Heartlands and its Guilds.

Have you ever wanted an answer to something but have not had the chance to research it?

Delegates from across the Egg who are learned in all subjects have been invited to talk, debate and share their knowledge.

We invite our guests to explore the mysteries and puzzles of the Great Library itself, and the mystical items held within our walls.

We respectfully ask that if you must bring weapons, that only small arms like daggers are acceptable due to the space.

From the Offices of Bureaucracy of the Great Library.

Arya Darkendale
Sulien Caranor

OOC Details

We will be using your 2019 LT Character Cards for this event

Date: 16th March 2019
Time in will be 16:00
Time out will be Midnight ( Subject to change)

The Nottingham Britannia Rowing Club
Trentside N,
West Bridgford,

Please be aware that parking near the venue is very limited

Ticket costs will be
£30 for Early bird tickets booked before 31/12/2018
£35 from 01/01/2019


Classic Boeuf Bourguignon
- a superb heartiest of French beef casseroles cooked very slowly in a
rich sauce using red Burgundy wine, Onions, Garlic, Herbs and Pancetta
(GF)- served hot with Brown Rice

Black Bean and Roasted Vegetable Stew served
with Brown Rice, Tomato Salsa & Natural Yoghurt*
V & V+ Contains, Butternut Squash, mixed peppers, onions, garlic, okra, black

Mixed Bean Tabbouleh- Bulghar wheat, lots of chopped vegetables, beans, parsley, lime and
olive oil

Carrots Salad with Greek Yoghurt* and Cinnamon- serve warm

Assorted Breads

Salted Caramel Torte
Platter of fresh Fruit
Chocolate and Orange Cake
Allergen Info: Lactose Intolerant free menu except where * ; GF bread will also be

There is a Bar onsite, that takes card payments

Contact : storypeddlerslrp@gmail.com

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Matthew Guthrie Matthieus UnicornsStaff
Kevin Chambers Na Non-FactionStaff
Gillian Smart Mnemosyne Non-FactionStaff
Aoife Sulien Non-FactionStaff
Sarah Johnson Arya Darkendale Non-FactionStaff
Kai Leske-Heed Four LionsPlayer
Danny Leitch Wyndrake HartsPlayer
Jessica Fitzharley Briar Neverwinter Non-FactionPlayer
Nicholas Fitzharley Malcolm Neverwinter LionsPlayer
Anthony Brownlee Zackari Neverwinter Non-FactionPlayer
Carl Frow Impberon Starcraft VipersPlayer
Jade Jones Fiona MacFinn BearsPlayer
Hayden Grimley Johan LionsPlayer
Lucille Guthrie Saph Non-FactionPlayer
Sarah Rose Ide DragonsPlayer
Ellinor Orton Ta'Cibien Curervo VipersPlayer
Dale Vick Ryn DragonsPlayer
David Divine Dozer UnicornsPlayer
Christiaan Jones Tal'Rasha StaffPlayer
Alexis Celnik The Beggar Prince VipersPlayer
Dave Miller Jax-Ur WolvesPlayer
Suze Ward Trude VipersPlayer
Nic Doran Solitaire TarantulasPlayer
Simon Valentine Icavus UnicornsPlayer
Briege Grant Alrisha Neverwinter JackalsPlayer
Anthony Chapman Markham LionsPlayer
Mervyn Dennison Traveller LionsPlayer
Brendan O Leary Echo HartsPlayer
Adam Walton Voxus HartsPlayer
Rachel Prince Amy Redman LionsPlayer
Ben Sugden Lucas Fist GryphonsPlayer
Andrew Dove Ruaridh BearsPlayer
Iestyn Evans Achos DragonsPlayer
Cassandra (Dye) Walton Kaboom! HartsPlayer
Ceri Kirby Saoirse BearsPlayer
Alex Rose Lochan BearsPlayer
Kate McAlister Narren UnicornsPlayer
Greg Page Varrick UnicornsPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna DragonsPlayer
Tom Vickers Olaf WolvesPlayer
Chris Roberts Tee Non-FactionPlayer
Ruth Bedder Stumpy DragonsPlayer
James Harris Daph HartsPlayer
Harry Sutcliffe Culkin na Mourna DragonsPlayer
Sarah Walker Lyani VipersPlayer
Susan Whitaker Kachina LionsPlayer
Rich Whitaker Smash Dracha LionsPlayer
Jenny Barrett Smells HartsPlayer
Jenny Lewis Creosa Cerebelli Non-FactionPlayer
Luke Crawley Fiddle/ Fidelius HartsPlayer
Gemma Finnigan Burnscar JackalsPlayer
James Goulding Raphael HartsPlayer
Andrew Kendall Cawd Henriksen HartsPlayer
Darryl Dempsey Amaretto Sourz DragonsPlayer
James Michael Sin VipersPlayer
Richard Pratt Hulch JackalsPlayer
Robert Stewart Loon Wildborn HartsPlayer
James Winward-Stuart Ilya Domovoi HartsPlayer
Alex Connolly Maldurr UnicornsPlayer
Amy Lisle Jenny UnicornsPlayer
James Lock Xyphon VipersPlayer
James Coulton Lucius VipersPlayer
Kirk Duncombe Briar DragonsPlayer
Lucy Duncombe Alana Craft DragonsPlayer
Jay Piercy Makar JackalsPlayer
Sarah Crompton-Howe Gloamer LionsPlayer
Niamh Carey Lord Silver LionsStaff
Stuart Laws Marcus Sebeca GryphonsPlayer
Katy Page Percy UnicornsPlayer
Helen Donnelly Gwenneth Or BearsPlayer
Dave Arnot EGG GryphonsPlayer
Taryn Donnelly Darvan BearsPlayer
Anastasia Catris Ash HartsPlayer
Sally Frew Treacle Sunstone Non-FactionPlayer
Sue Law Bliquis Non-FactionPlayer
James House Frayafax WolvesPlayer
Laura North Rowan UnicornsPlayer
Thomas Scott Killen HartsPlayer
Andrew Jackson McKenzie DragonsPlayer
Nathan Mcdonald Wyck Carden HartsPlayer
Grace Currah Violet Hawthorn BearsStaff
chris norman Tsuda HartsPlayer
Andrew Jones James James MacFinn BearsPlayer
Ford Thomas Derek BearsPlayer
Samantha Dye Tails LionsPlayer
James Goode Robert Thornwood UnicornsPlayer
Gareth Morgan Carrion UnicornsStaff
Cullen Lewis Owyn UnicornsPlayer
Ken Reay Kweethul StaffStaff
David Young Isambrand UnicornsStaff
Josh Howell Caspaar Fitzroy Non-FactionStaff
Tom Winch Jupiter Non-FactionPlayer
Richard Jeremiah Staff
Peter Godfrey Staff
Stuart Chalk Staff

14 Staff, 81 Players. (95 total)

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