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The arrival of Arcadia back to the Egg proper has caused much upheaval, even within the short time that they have been back, with their latest actions being the worst of all. Using the power of the Silver Throne the Arcadian war machine has secured itself another source of power, the patterns of the dead. Somehow they have disrupted the natural flow of patterns and instead of those who die going to where they should they are instead being taken by the Throne.

Not all within Arcadia appear to agree with what has been done, messages to the factions and guilds have started to go out. During the 3rd month of 1120, at the time of the vernal equinox, there will be a chance to lay claim to knowledge and items that could be used to fundamentally change Arcadia. It is not a mission without danger, but the rewards could be great. Not only a chance to visit somewhere held apart from the rest of the Egg for so long, but an opportunity to influence the future of Arcadia and the fate of the patterns of those who die.

Gather your friends and allies, prepare your magics and expect anything

For further updates and story details please see - https://www.facebook.com/events/342890289962611/

Event Details

A medium combat with reactive threat LT Sanctioned event presented by Storypeddlers LRP and insured via Scheming Demon.

There will be an IC Alchemy Lab present at this event

Monsters gratefully accepted, Staff/Ref bookings by prior arrangement only

There are a limited number of bunks available on site for £5 per bunk, people with medical reasons will be offered first refusal on these.

Catering is being provided by Caggles Catering Corp, menu to be confirmed closer to the time.

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Matthew Guthrie Matthieus UnicornsStaff
Kevin Chambers Na Non-FactionStaff
Sarah Johnson Arya Darkendale Non-FactionPlayer
Jessica Fitzharley Briar Neverwinter Non-FactionPlayer
Nicholas Fitzharley Malcolm Neverwinter LionsPlayer
Jade Jones Fiona MacFinn BearsMonster
Lucille Guthrie Saph Non-FactionStaff
Sarah Rose Ide DragonsPlayer
Ellinor Orton Ta'Cibien Curervo VipersStaff
David Divine Dozer UnicornsPlayer
Alexis Celnik The Beggar Prince VipersPlayer
Nic Doran Solitaire TarantulasPlayer
Simon Valentine Icavus UnicornsPlayer
Mervyn Dennison Traveller LionsPlayer
Andrew Dove Ruaridh BearsPlayer
Iestyn Evans Achos DragonsMonster
Ceri Kirby Saoirse BearsPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna DragonsPlayer
Sarah Walker Lyani VipersPlayer
Jenny Barrett Smells HartsMonster
Jenny Lewis Creosa Cerebelli Non-FactionPlayer
Gemma Finnigan Burnscar JackalsPlayer
James Goulding Raphael HartsMonster
James Michael Sin VipersMonster
James Winward-Stuart Ilya Domovoi HartsPlayer
Niamh Carey Lord Silver LionsMonster
Helen Donnelly Gwenneth Or BearsPlayer
Taryn Donnelly Darvan BearsPlayer
Sally Frew Treacle Sunstone Non-FactionPlayer
Laura North Rowan UnicornsMonster
Grace Currah Violet Hawthorn BearsStaff
Ford Thomas Derek BearsPlayer
James Goode Robert Thornwood UnicornsMonster
Gareth Morgan Carrion UnicornsMonster
Cullen Lewis Owyn UnicornsMonster
Ken Reay Kweethul StaffStaff
Adrian Waite Prince Hakim Azam Abbas JackalsPlayer
Mark Southerd Leiden VipersPlayer
Daniel Jones Forr TarantulasPlayer
Rhiannon Hill Tilly WolvesPlayer
Kieran Robson Smidge DragonsPlayer
Robert Walker Jabber Woki Non-FactionPlayer
Christina Terry Saylen HartsMonster
Ryan Evans Gobbin DragonsPlayer
Rebecca Child Raya VipersPlayer
Dena Lewis Thariel TarantulasPlayer
Verity Baulch Ivy GryphonsPlayer
Richard Skyrme Rath VipersPlayer
Catherine Ravensward Solas-Amor BearsPlayer
John ONeill Lord Orion the Hunter JackalsPlayer
Zak Dodds wengu VipersPlayer
Fergal O'Brien Cosaint Non-FactionPlayer
Arron Mallinson-Pocock Cas BearsMonster
Toby Loughton Madainn BearsPlayer
Rose Southerd The Lioness JackalsPlayer
Alex Beaumont Tavish BearsPlayer
John Miles Baeddan VipersPlayer
Alex Ward Fon Nathair BearsPlayer
Kathryn Selby Amber Darkendale VipersPlayer
Adam Bailey Spring VipersPlayer
Martin Brookes The immortal champion of destruction VipersPlayer
Lloyd Williamson The Clerk of the Bank Non-FactionMonster
Maria Jane Keenan Magda JackalsPlayer
Maria Hogberg Idun WolvesPlayer
Phillip Humfrey Madeen DragonsPlayer
Scott Thayer Hesperion JackalsPlayer
Scott Hooper-jones Dolos JackalsPlayer
Shane Ecclestone Qritch Scalphunter GryphonsPlayer
Benita Lilley Merope VipersPlayer
Paul Martin Kianan McAylwyn BearsPlayer
Thomas Roe Elder of the Walkers VipersPlayer
Joe Quigley Odysseus JackalsPlayer
James McArdle Dyrt LionsMonster
Kevin Mclaughlin Atropa VipersPlayer
Robert Cain Baramura Diamico HartsPlayer
Daniel Bailey Laird Donald BearsPlayer
Domonic Bailey Aconite HartsPlayer
Dean Lennard Taluk TarantulasPlayer
Gareth Shaw Big & Clever VipersPlayer
Christopher Goddard The Big Zed, Witch Hunter General, Pasty Smasher VipersPlayer
Daniel Sandbrook Mal GryphonsPlayer
Richard Kilgour Alok DragonsPlayer
Bekka Chapman Tumaini Hodari LionsMonster
Hannah Corry Lujayne Silkenblade JackalsPlayer
Adam Cooper Grothgar LionsMonster
Adam Blount Keeper VipersPlayer
Gwen Farrell Dagna Rocksmith WolvesPlayer
William Blount Stormy BearsPlayer
Zoe Prosser Kiera Non-FactionPlayer
Tom Edwards Mause LionsPlayer
Matthew Griffiths Milosh LionsMonster
Harley neal Reno GryphonsPlayer
Nicky 'Edain' Boak Kerr DragonsMonster
Giles Crompton-Howe Smiler LionsMonster
Adam Scott Sebastian Vale UnicornsPlayer
Steph Nidd Esme Willowsong UnicornsMonster
Andy McDonald Admiral Eudoras JackalsMonster
Brian Roberts Puzzle LionsMonster
Chloe Mason Rowena Ashford HartsMonster
Daniel Badnall-Neill Jack StaffMonster
Laurence Seviour Motivation Fiilgudson WolvesMonster
Belle Narracott Botany TarantulasMonster
Matthew Walton Bevin Latch HartsMonster
David Walker Monster WolvesMonster
Alan Williamson Ebon GryphonsPlayer
Stefanie McIlkenny Fang WolvesMonster
Lorraine McKee The Night HartsPlayer
Richard Cooper Sorrow Non-FactionMonster
Sam Ebrahim Thomas Stacraft VipersMonster
Caroline Tallis Aesa LionsMonster
Thomas Carr Volmar UnicornsMonster
Matt Stockton Hodari LionsMonster
Eddy Hughes Padfoot JackalsMonster
David Atkinson Lumpy LionsMonster
Ambrose Law Romanus GryphonsMonster
Mark Blain Comic JackalsPlayer
Jack Watkinson Raykav Winterheart HartsMonster
Andrew Wilson Tarran BearsPlayer
Richard Jeremiah Staff
Steve Bool Monster
Steve Whittaker Staff
Hazel Tyler Monster
Steph Cox-Leddington Monster
Gabrielle Damant Monster
David Smithson Monster
Sam Marsh Monster
Kelly Barker Monster
Kerrie Ashton Monster
Brendan Monster
Steven Woods Monster
Joe Sutton Monster
Matthew Roe Monster
neil lyus Monster
Daniel Robinson Monster
Stuart Chalk Staff
Mike hilton Monster
martin ashton Monster
David Shaw Monster
Peter Godfrey Staff
James Wade Monster

10 Staff, 56 Monsters, 74 Players. (140 total)

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